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I am a certified personal trainer (CSEP & CANFIT-Pro) and nutritional practitioner in your own Greater Toronto Area. I have been practicing both as a self-employed personal trainer on location in clients' homes as well as at various and health and wellness facilities for over 5 years. I also continue to enjoy teaching my group classes including indoor cycling, muscle conditioning and cardio kickboxing.
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Join Our Last 6 Week Bootcamp of the Summer

Welcome to our gym

Hi Toronto Friends,

This is it. Our last bootcamp of the summer. Let’s make these next 6 weeks our best, our fittest, strongest of the summer! We’re looking forward to seeing new and returning faces this time around. THIS IS OUR TIME!

As always, we will run our classes Mon Wed Fri 6:30-7:15am with the option of signing up for 2 or 3x a week. Nutritional guidance (by moi- certified holistic nutritionist) as well as body measurements are included if you wish – all great extra tools to keep you accountable and motivated.

All the info you need is attached in the link below, including registration. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. I hope to see you in our outdoor “gym” starting August 17!

Justine :)
                       Info And Registration for Bootcamp              

FREE Bootcamp Promo Classes

4free0abootcampclasses0a40riverdaleparkeast0a93a30-103a15am0atuesaug42cthursaug62c0atuesaug112cthurs-defaultThat’s right Toronto fit friends, I’m offering these free outdoor classes at Riverdale Park east. This is open to anyone and everyone who wants to get a great workout and who has availability at 9:30-10:15am. I know several people asked me for a later morning class since many of you work from home or have different family/work/life schedules than standard 9-5. So voila! Oh… and how can you beat FREE workouts right??

After this promo, I am looking to run these classes on a regular basis if interest is shown and set up a suitable and fair price structure. I may adjust the start time to see what works best for all parties involved. But for now, 9:30 it is! 

We will meet by the St. Matthews Clubhouse on the south end of the park on Broadview, north of Gerrard at 9:15 and go from there. No equipment needed… just don’t forget your water bottle!

Contact me  to register or if you have any questions. BTW you can attend ALL 4 classes if you’d like of course! 

Let’s work the end of summer hard so it won’t know what hit it!

Justine :)

The Importance Of Strength Training For Runners

Running has so many amazing health benefits – it fills us with high energy endorphins, keeps us lean and mean, makes our heart stronger, and it’s even meditative for some. That being said , runners have the highest incidence of chronic injuries out of any group of athletes, including contact sport athletes. Why? The constant repetitive strain that the running motion has on the body can and will take its tole over time and injury will eventually ensue; that is, unless one trains their body to be able handle this strain.

Yes, that means injury can be avoided! By strengthening the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones that are needed for the repetitive motion of running, we are lubricating and protecting them from wear and tear. Muscle contractions stimulate not only the muscles themselves but also make your tendons and ligaments stronger, as well as increase bone density. So proper targeted resistance training can and will help keep you running longer, more efficiently, and at a faster pace, if that’s what you’re looking for. Win win! Track, hill and stair workouts are also excellent forms of training, especially if you’re looking to improve your time, from a performance standpoint.

Below I share some important points. These include resistance training, track workouts to improve speed, and cross training to be able to strengthen the body through ways that simply running cannot do alone. Wether you’re a recreational runner (yes overuse injuries can affect you eventually as well) or a running junkie, these fitness tips will help you on your way to a long lasting injury free running career.
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Come try our morning bootcamp class for FREE.

Welcome to gymOur Riverdale outdoor spring/summer bootcamp is in full swing and we’ve got some strong guys and gals working hard Mon Wed Fri mornings 6:30-7:15am. We want to extend an invite to all of you out there who may still want to give it a try but are not too sure if you want to commit. We want to offer you a FREE trial class! 

We’ve had people ask about our morning bootcamp program- questions like: What do you make us do? How hard is it? Can I keep up? or is it hard enough for me? As much as we try to assure you that the experience is invigorating and rewarding and that the workouts can be tailored to your individual abilities, Jay (my fitness partner in crime) and I totally understand it’s a big commitment when you’re not exactly sure what to expect, especially when it involves fitness and early mornings..

So if you’re in the east end of Toronto (or want to trek out there one morning), come on over and join us bright and early for a free class (Info: Time/Location).

See how you. or if you’re feeling it, if you know what I mean. If it’s not your cup of tea or you realize you can’t make it work in the end, then the class is on us. If you’re keen to keep going after that free class, then you’re welcome to join us for the rest of our present session, or start up with us on our next 6 week session.

Feel free to email me if you may be interested in giving it a try or if you have any further questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Justine :)

Food is Your Fuel. What To Eat Before And After Exercise.


This is one of the number one questions I get asked by both my personal training AND nutrition clients. Since there are several factors to take into account with regards to eating around exercise, allow me to shed some light on the topic..
The first thing to establish is what kind of exercise you are doing. Your requirements will be very different if you’re lifting weights for 45 minutes versus going on an hour run in the heat for example. The former will require you to eat a good combination of carbs and protein to power and repair your muscles.  The latter will demand more quick digesting carbs as well as a lot of water for the high calorie and sweat expenditure.


The goal of pre-workout nutrition is to:

  1. supply necessary energy to maximize performance during your workout.
  2. help prevent a crash in blood sugar which can lead to hitting the proverbial “wall”, where you’ve just got nothing left yet you know you should be able to keep on going. You workout peeps know exactly what I am talking about! This can even lead to fainting. So in other words, properly fueling before your workout – very important!

In general I would suggest eating no closer than 1-2 hours before your workout. The more time you allow between eating and exercise, the larger the quantity of food you’ll be able to eat and still have time to digest. If you workout first thing in the morning you may be able to fuel off your food you are still digesting from the night before. But this does not work for everyone so make sure you figure out what works for you!

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