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I am a certified personal trainer (CSEP & CANFIT-Pro) and nutritional practitioner in your own Greater Toronto Area. I have been practicing both as a self-employed personal trainer on location in clients' homes as well as at various and health and wellness facilities for over 5 years. I also continue to enjoy teaching my group classes including indoor cycling, muscle conditioning and cardio kickboxing.
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What is The Complete Workout? (Registration now open for my next Bootcamp!)

I am a true believer in getting the best bang for your buck… and when it comes to getting the most out of a single workout, nothing covers as many fitness components quite like a well executed bootcamp workout. This is personally my favourite type of class to teach, as well as take for myself! The format allows each participant to work at their own level to reach their own personal goals – wether it be weight loss, muscle and core strength, or an overall full body workout – all while having the support and energy from the other people in the class. A strong camraderie forms amongst the participants.

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Best of July 2014 – Workout Music

I have yet another playlist of songs that I’ve used this past month in my spin classes, bootcamps and for my own personal workouts. I believe the right music can help motivate us to higher levels during those tough workouts. Spin classes are definitely the ultimate example of this! Take a listen, and bring this playlist along with you to the gym if you’d like. Make sure to check out more great tunes on my workout music page. I’m all about sharing the love of music + exercise! As always, feel free to share with me your suggestions for songs that fuel your own workouts.


Want to try a BOOTCAMP style workout right at home? Give this one a go!

  photo 3      photo 4

I have another killer workout for you to try- at home, at the gym, or even outside. This is a perfect example of a a typical Bootcamp class with me!

Simple, challenging and effective. Those are the qualities of a successful bootcamp workout in my opinion. So this is what I keep in mind when planning each of my classes. Here is a no nonsense workout that encompasses all these qualities. You know how I love my circuit training ;)
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Q & A: What is circuit training and how can it benefit my fitness goals?


In essence, with circuit training, the benefits are twofold. First off, you can be way more creative with your workouts, since circuit training is all about mixing and matching various exercises that target all sorts of different muscles at once; as opposed to targeting one muscle group at a time like more traditional strength training. This format takes the monotony out of your workout since the options are endless (I will give you some sample workouts to try below). The second, and most important benefit of circuit training- is its positive effect on your body. As a result of exposing your body to a new different workout each time around, you prevent the “plateau” effect. A fitness plateau is when our body stops changing and improving as it gets used to the same workout and starts to figure out how to prevent change. Remember your body is designed to want to stay the same. It resists change. This is a survival instinct built in us from the beginning of time. The body fights to adapt to whatever state it can figure out and get used to. This is a good thing if you’re stuck in a desperate survival situation, but a bad thing when it comes to fitness gains. In this case, you want those changes, you want to get stronger, or lean out, whatever your goals are. For this reason keeping the body guessing is a good thing in order to reach those gains.

A good example of a routine like this is completing 30 seconds of 4 or 5 exercises back to back, going through the circuit for a set number of rounds, say maybe 4. Start with jumping jacks, then pushups, air squats, burpees and finish with dumbbell shoulder press. That’s just an idea but you get the point. You can be creative and the possibilities are endless. So go ahead and try this circuit or make out your own. But most importantly.. go get yourself moving!

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Pushups
  3. Air Squats
  4. Burpees
  5. DB shoulder Press